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Amore Room Menu
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Planning your event at Cafe Amore Bistro… No worries you can Plan your Lunch or Dinner gathering in the main dining area or a Private setting in the Amore Room.. rates or fee’s may apply
 Please select according to your budget and Enjoy the Flavours.. Remember when selecting a Family platter for your Event in Cafe Amore Bistro just take your per person Cost and times by 6 as all Family platters are served for 6 people


Mista-$12 x 6(minimum order)= $72

All costs per person/ tray are prices before G.S.T. and 18% Gratuity .



(Minimum 6 portion per Salad Platter)

MISTA-  Crisp mixed greens, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, julienned carrots, red onion, house-made honey Dijon balsamic vinaigrette 

$12/per person  – $72 platter

CAESAR-Romaine lettuce, prosciutto crisps, crostini, asiago, house-made creamy parmigiano dressing…

13.50/per person – $81 platter

CAPRESE-Vine ripened tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella, red onion, house-made basil pesto dressing * Nut Free.

$13.50/per person – $81 platter

BEET-Honey glazed beets, exotic mixed greens, creamy goat cheese, candied pecans, radish, house-made white balsamic vinaigrette..

$14.50/per person $87 platter



(Minimum 6 portion per Appetizer Platter)

BRUSCHETTA ALLA COSENTINA-Roasted Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes, basil pesto, olive oil, fresh garlic and asiago pedals on house-made crostini * nut free…(16 pieces)

$14/per person  $84platter

SMOKED SALMON CROSTINI-B.C smoked salmon, prosciutto, fresh dill, capers, roasted grape tomatoes, parmigiano….(16 pieces)

$14.50/per person $87 platter

MAPLE SAUSAGE CROSTINI-Maple glaze, spicy italian sausage, ricotta cheese on house-made crostini (16 pieces)

$14.00/per person $84 platter

SAN DANIELE CROSTINIRicotta whipped with white truffle honey, lemon zest, basil and mint, topped with San Daniele prosciutto and shaved pecorino.-(16 Pieces)

$12.75/ per person $76.50 platter

PROVOLONE AL FORNO-Smoked provolone, white truffle honey, roasted walnuts, baked  in our oven, (4 Skillets)

$24/per person $96 platter

FONTINA AL FORNO-Fontina Cheese baked w caramelized onions, fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, topped w fig jam (4 Skillets)

$24/per person $96 platter

COZZE-Fresh PEI mussels sautéed in white wine garlic, classic tomato, or rose sauce. Served w garlic bread … 

$16.00/per person $96 platter

 COZZE GORGONZOLA B.C Manilla Clams with a Vermentino white wine cream sauce with Gorgonzola Cheese infused.

$17.50/per person $105 Platter

AMORE DI MARE-B.C  Manilla, PEI mussels, spicy Italian sausage, prosciutto, red onion, vermentino pepperoncini garlic sauce served w garlic bread

$17.50/per person $105

GAMBERI-prawns sautéed in your choice of(*habanero marsala, *sambuca cream, *vino e limone, or a *garlic butter) (32 Tiger Prawns)

$17.50/per person $105 Platter

PAPA GIUSEPPE’S  BAKED GIANT MEATBALLS-Traditional house-made meatballs, Papa Giuseppe’s signature tomato sauce, baked with provolone and mozzarella  * contains  beef and pork (18-  5oz Large)

$7.33/per person $132 Platter

WARM SEASONED OLIVES-Sicilian olives marinated in EVO Oil with Fresh herbs and seasoning (Serves up to 12 people)

$7.00 per person $43platter

GARLIC BREAD-Traditional rustic flame broiled Garlic bread, campfire style

$5.00/ per person $30 platter


$6.00/per person $36 platter

OVEN BAKED PAGNOTTA BREAD-w Aged Balsamic & Evo Oil-(6 Loaves feed at least 12 people)

$7.00/per person $43 Platter



(Minimum 6 portion per Panini Platter)

PARMIGIANA PANINO-Breaded chicken breast, romaine leaves, red onions, mozzarella and our house-made tomato sauce

$12.00/per person $72 platter

ITALIAN SAUSAGE & RAPINI PANINOSpicy Italian sausage and Rapini with garlic, olive oil and pepperoncini

$10.00/per person $60 platter

PAPA GIUSEEPPE’S MEATBALL PANINO-Traditional house-made meatballs, papa Giuseppe’s signature tomato sauce and mozzarella

$8.00/per person $48platter

SABIANO PANINO- Grilled chicken marinated w olive oil and lemon, romaine, fresh tomatoes, asiago and house-made prosciutto aioli

$10.00/per person $60 platter

SHRIMP CAESAR PANINO- Sautéed baby shrimp with lemon and fresh dill, asiago, romaine and house-made Caesar dressing

$10.00/per person $60 Platter

IL GIARDINO PANINOSautéed red peppers, cremini mushrooms, rainbow cherry tomatoes, red onions, smoked provolone, crisp mixed greens and house-made white balsamic vinaigrette

$10.00/per person  $60 Platter



(Minimum 6 portion per Risotto Platter)

RISOTTO FRUTTI DI MARI-*Cooked Arborio Rice, emulsified w Asiago Cheese, Fresh Butter and Tomato Sauce, with Sautéed (Prawns, P.E.I. Mussels, Baby Clams, Fresh B.C. Manilla Clams.)

$35.00/per person $210 plattter

RISOTTO  ITALIANO-*Cooked Arborio Rice, emulsified w Italian herbs and parmigiano 

$20.00.00/per person $120 platter

MARE E TERRA-Sautéed mussels, B.C Manila clams, prawns, and housemade  Italian sausage with Rapini, black olives and cherry tomatoes on Italian herb risotto

$30per person $120 platter

ZAFFERANO DI MAREAtlantic lobster claw, mussels and B.C manila clams in white wine garlic sauce with Moroccan saffron risotto

$42.00/per person $168 platter

IL GIARDINO-Grilled cremini mushrooms, baby spinach, red peppers, carrots and Rapini in a pesto marinade with pecorino cheese risotto

$20.00/per person $120 platter

ARAGOSTA DI MARE-Atlantic lobster tail,  King crab and baby shrimp in a vermentino garlic sauce, with lemon and fresh dill risotto

$72.50/per person 435 platter

POLLO ALLA PIZZAIOLA-Grilled chicken, black olives and capers sauteed in tomato sauce with seasonal vegetables and creamy pecorino risotto

$22.00/per person $88 platter

MAIALE ALLA GRIGLIA-Grilled pork loin and honey-glazed pears with gorgonzola, asparagus and fresh mint in a parmigiana risotto

$24.00/per person $144 platter


(Minimum 6 portion per Pasta Platter)


SAMBUCA ROSE-Classic tomato and cream sauce blended with Sambuca liqueur

$13.00/per person $78 platter

BOLOGNESE-Locally sourced beef with tomato sauce

$13.00 /per person $78 Platter

AGLIO E OLIO-Garlic Olive Oil sauce, pepperoncini, Italian parsley, pangratatto

$12.00/per person $72 Platter

PESTO ALFREDO-House-made cream sauce, fresh basil pesto. * nut free

$13.00/per person $78 Platter

VONGOLE-Fresh BC manila clams & baby clams sautéed into (tomato or garlic chardonnay sauce ) 

$15.50/per person $93.00 Platter

CALABRESE-Spicy Italian sausage with house-made tomato sauce.

$13.00/per person $78 Platter

PESCATOREOur famous trademark dish, prawns, mussels, B.C Manilla clams, baby shrimp, and baby clams, this  brings you all the flavours of the sea tossed  in garlic chardonnay wine or tomato sauce or rose sauce 

$30/per person $180 Platter

TARTUFO E POMODORI-Truffle cream sauce, chicken breast, baby bella & portobello mushrooms, roasted tomatoes

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

IL PACIFICO-Smoked  B.C. Salmon and baby shrimp  in a rich amore cream sauce

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

DOLCE CURRY-Black Tiger Prawns , Spinach, Green Peas , Red and green Peppers , Honey, Yellow Curry cream sauce , Walnuts

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

GNOCCHI BOLOGNESE ROSEhandmade potato dumplings, signature tomato Bolognese, cream sauce, cremini mushrooms, baked with provolone

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

GNOCCHI BIANCHI-Handmade potato dumplings, smoked Italian provolone, smoked swiss gruyere, vermentino cream sauce 

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

SPICY MARSALA-Chicken breast, portobello & cremini mushrooms,  habanero marsala cream sauce, red & green pepper garnish

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

CARBONARA-Traditional Italian recipe w smoked pancetta,  pecorino Romano,  free range eggs

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

QUATTRO FORMAGGI-Provolone, asiago, mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano, rose sauce

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE-Fresh Atlantic Lobster, trebbiano cream sauce baked w smoked provolone, mozzarella, pangratatto( (4 large skillets upon serving)

$22.75/per person $136.50 platter

LOBSTER RAVIOLI-House-made Ravioli filled with Atlantic lobster & Ricotta, roasted red pepper cream  sauce, gorgonzola cheese..

$19.50/per person $117 Platter

PAPA GIUSEPPE’S MEAT LOVERS LASAGNA-Served individually and must have a minimum order of 15 people ordering served individually

$20/per person $300 Platter 



Carne-Protein dishes

(Minimum 6 portion per Platter)

POLLO PARMIGIANA-Breaded chicken breast cutlet, baked w Papa Giuseppe’s tomato sauce, parmigiano, mozzarella. 

$20.00/per person $120 Platter

PARMESAN CRUSTED PORK LOIN-Served  w caper marsala cream sauce  

$25.00/ per person $150 Platter

POLLO AL MARSALA-Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, filled with ricotta and mushrooms , 

$26.00/per person$156 Platter

AGNELLOKissed by flames this….  Grilled Australian rack of  lamb  marinated w rosemary and garlic   (6 Full Racks) 

$80/per person$480 Platter

OSSOBUCCO 6 hour oven braised 10oz Veal shank with bone  in a garlic white wine tomato sauce

$30.00 /per person $180 Platter

PORCHETTA Slow 8 hour  whole Pork shoulder rolled and stiffed with Prosciutto, Garlic Italian Parsley EVOO and fresh herbs and seasoning 

$25.00/ per person $150 Platter

LOBSTER BOIL1.5 – 2 pounds of Whole Fresh Atlantic Lobster boiled served whole with drawn butter , Potatoes and corn..  You do your own Cracking and Peeling

$55.00/ per person $330 Platter

COSTINE DI MAIALE AL FORNO(Baby Back Ribs)- Full Racks bourbon glazed baby back ribs, slow-roasted w chipotle, honey, truffle, braised w Peroni beer

$55 per person $330

FILETTO DI MANZO- Grilled 8oz Triple AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin

$55 per person $330

SAUTEED VEGETABLES– Garlic Sauteed Baby Potatoes, Carrots and Green and Red Peppers in Olive Oil and Herbs.

$8.33 per person/ $50 Platter