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Amore Salad   14   Add Grilled Chicken 7

Crisp tossed greens in our homemade Amore Dressing.

Tomato Bocconcini  19  Add Grilled Chicken 7

Fragrant Roma tomatoes nestled with rich imported Bocconcini cheese,tossed in our house made pesto.


Amore Berry Salad    19   Add Grilled Chicken 7

Mixed green,seasonal berries,mandarins,cranberries,toasted almonds and feta tossed in a strawberry balsamic dressing…


Spinach Salad 18   Add Grilled Chicken 7

Fresh spinach leaves combined with mushrooms, dried cranberries, boiled eggs, red onion, prosciutto, goat cheese, candied pecans and watermelon radish.



Amore Ceasar Salad   18    Add Grilled Chicken 7

Crisp Romaine lettuce in our homemade dressing, topped with Crostini, oven baked Prosciutto, Parmesan and Asiago cheese.

Rapini   14   Add sausage 5  and/or grilled Chicken 7

A seasonal dish featuring sauteed broccoli rabé with olive oil, garlic and seasoning.



Served until 4 pm only

Pork Scaloppini   13  

Thinly sliced pork tenderloin dredged in flor sauteed with mushrooms in a lemon white wine cream sauce.

 Sausage and Rapini     13

Hearty broccoli rabe and homemade Italian sausage.

Meatball     13  

Our flavorful homemade seasoned meatballs.



Chicken Pizzaiola 12

Savory chicken in a white wine garlic tomato sauce.

Chicken Parm 14

Amore Chicken Parmigiana on a bed of lettuce with red onions and melted provolone Mmmmm!


Add Fresh Imported Cheese

Provolone    3

Mozzarella    2

Bocconcini    4



Amore Pescatore   41

Our famous signature pasta with King Crab,Prawns,Mussels,Baby Shrimp.and Baby Clams brings you all the flavours of the sea tossed in garlic white wine or tomato sauce.

Truffle & Diced Tomatoes   27

Decadent truffle oil cream sauce tops an unforgettable chicken and mushroom blend.

 Pacific   26

BC smoked salmon and baby shrimp come together in a hearty cream sauce.


Chipotle Rose 27

Our roasted Chipotle rose sauce tossed with Italian sausage and mushrooms will get your taste buds dancing.



Spicy Marsala   28

Spice fans rejoice! Chicken and mushrooms in a Marsala Habanero cream sauce that wakes up the taste buds.


Sweet Curry 26

Our honey curry chicken pasta has the perfect balance of sweet and heat, with a plate full of flavour.

 Four Cheese 27

Provolone, Asiago, mozzarella and Parmigiana Reggiano in a rose sauce… What more could you ask for?


Lobster Mac & Cheese 2 8  

Classic comfort food meets Fresh Atlantic Lobster……


Amore Mac & Cheese  24

Creamy,oozy,fantastic cheese baked to perfection.


Amore Di Mare  34

Lobster Claw and Mussels in a delicate prosciutto cream sauce.


Customize your Dish

Plain Pasta (butter)   Full Order 10 &  Half Order  8

Tomato Sauce   Full Order 15 & Half Order  9

Cream Sauce   Full Order 16 & Half Order  9

Rose Sauce   Full Order 17  & Half Order  9

Extra Sauce  6

Gluten Free Corn pasta  5   Half Order  3

  • Made to order; please allow up to  20minutes.   

Vegetable Add On (Add to Any Pasta Dishes)

Sun dried Tomatoes   5

Fresh Diced Roma Tomatoes   4

Rapini   7

Mushrooms   4

Black Olives   4

Artichoke Hearts  6

Roasted Peppers   6


Meat Add On(Add to Any Pasta Dishes)

4 oz Chicken Breast   7

Italian Sausage   7 ½

Meatball  5 ½

Pork Tenderloin  7

Seafood Add On(Add to Any Pasta Dishes)

Baby Clams   8

Baby Shrimp   9

Prawns  (Per Prawn Single)  4 / Each

Full Lobster Tail  18



Daily Pasta Specials

Daily   14

Non-Daily   18

Daily Half Order    7

Non-Daily Half Order   12




Sambuca Rose
Tomato and cream sauce blended with Sambuca liquor.


Homemade tomato meat sauce. 


Aglio E Olio
Extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic with pepperoncini sauce.


Pesto Alfredo
Cream sauce infused with basil pesto.


Baby clams sauteed with tomato or garlic white wine sauce.


Homemade Italian sausage tossed in a homemade tomato sauce.


Shared Plates

Prawn Platter 50

15 prawns dressed in 3 sauces of your choosing from our seafood flavours.

Pasta Platter    42

Choose 3 sauces from our Daily Pasta Specials and make it your own!



King Pescatore    145

Our famous Amore Pescatore, served for two with one key addition: a full Atlantic lobster.

Antipasto Plate    22

A selection of deli meats, cheese, olives  ensures something for everyone.


Bruschetta   16

A classic Pairing, homemade bruschetta on a toasted crostini…


Cheese Plate  17

Assorted Cheese,Crostini’s and House Olives..


Maple Sausage Crostini  17

Our Homemade Sausage on toasted crostini with maple glaze. It’s sweet, with some heat


Baked Meatballs  18

3 Large Papa Giuseppe meatballs covered in a tomato sauce, provolone and mozzarella cheese baked in our oven.


Salmon Crostini  18

BC smoked salmon laid on a baguette with ricotta spread, fresh herbs, topped with capers, red onion and extra virgin olive oil.


Amore Charcuterie Board   33

An Abundance of deli meats,cheeses,olives,roasted vegetables,and a variation of in house spreads


Chicken & Meats

Chicken Parmigiana  full  26 (1 piece 18) with pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

Imported cheese over two delicately breaded chicken pieces. Our homemade sauce provides the perfect complement.

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18

Pan-Seared Rack of Lamb Marsala  40 w  pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

Succulent lamb seared to perfection, topped with our Marsala mushroom demi-glaze.

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18




Grilled Rack of Lamb 40 w  pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

Kissed by flames, this lamb is marinated in truffle oil, rosemary, and extra virgin olive oil.

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18

 9 oz New York Steak Strip  33 w  pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

 Fire Grilled to perfection accompanied with Amore Butter

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18

Chicken Marsala  30 w  pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

Juicy chicken made all the more delicious with a tasty wild mushroom cream sauce.

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18


 Pork Scaloppini   30 w  pasta your choice of tomato,cream rose or Add daily pasta —7

Thinly sliced pork tenderloin medallions dredged in flour, sauteed with mushrooms in a lemon white wine sauce.

add wild mushroom Lemon sauce 7 and/or Full Lobster Tail 18



 Mussels in a Tomato Sauce    21

A full helping in a tomato sauce


Mussels in a white wine Sauce  21

A full helping available in a white wine sauce


Mussels in a rose sauce 21

A full helping available in a rose sauce



Amore Mussels    23

Our Italian sausage, prosciutto and red onions lend a delicious kick to this spicy dish.

Sauteed Calamari    18

No greasy breading here, just our flavorful homemade tomato wine sauce.


Choose YourOwn Seafood

Prawns (8 prawns/dish)    23

Full Atlantic Lobster    Amore Price


Choose Your Flavour

White Wine Lemon

Habanero Marsala

Spicy Cayenne

Curry Cream

Whiskey Peppercorn

Sambuca Cream

Chipotle rose

Chili Maple

Havana Rum Cream Rose

Garlic Butter

Habenero White wine

Tomato Pimento



Make it a Pasta Dish

Full Order    10

Half Order    7